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Our mission is to disseminate industry information to our members while building a sense of community among the various participants involved in the distribution of newspapers and magazines.


How the Birmingham Mail Separated Print from Digital to Save the Newspaper

I was struck by Jeff Jarvis’s recent polemic, ‘If I ran a newspaper…’ published on Medium. In it, he quoted an unnamed editor’s description of the predicament he — and many of us — find ourselves in: “We have two houses. One is on fire and the other isn’t built yet. So our problem is that we have to …

Sale of News & Record property part of a newspaper industry trend

GREENSBORO — Faced with dwindling print circulation and moving toward 24-hour digital publication, newspapers have become multimedia companies with smaller staffs and operations centers. Online news and shorter press runs mean news companies aren’t bound by their massive printing plants and high-profile headquarters that once dominated city centers across the nation. The chance to raise …

Analyzing Google’s Plan to Rescue the Newspaper Industry

I almost feel bad for subscription news companies (formally known as newspapers). Talk about death by a thousand cuts… According to The Atlantic, “Between 2000 and 2015, print newspaper advertising revenue fell from about $60 billion to about $20 billion, wiping out the But the revenue destruction is only half the story… The demise of …


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